Con Edison vs. Westchester Power Options for Larchmont Residents

Westchester Power Program BackgroundThe Village of Larchmont participates in a Community Energy Program known as Westchester Power. This electricity supply program is managed by the local nonprofit Sustainable Westchester on behalf of the 29 participating municipalities in Westchester County. The program empowers the county and its residents to actively work towards a vision for a healthy and sustainable future by supporting renewable energy. Residents benefit from the fixed price program model that provides cost control assurance on their electric supply charges.

Westchester Power Contract - March 2024 Rate ComparisonThe Westchester Power program offers two supply options for 100% Renewable and Standard. These rates are fixed until 10/31/2024.

March 2024 Residential Rates
Average Con Edison Standard Rate WP 100% Renewable Fixed Rate WP Standard Supply
8.50 ¢ / kWh 15.449 ¢ / kWh 13.685 ¢ / kWh

Below is an approximate electricity cost comparison for a hypothetical Larchmont resident in March who consumed 1,000 kWh of electricity for the month:

  • Larchmont resident on the ConEd supply = roughly $85.00 for the month
  • Customers enrolled in Westchester Power 100% Renewable Fixed Rate = roughly $154.49 for the month
  • All Westchester Power Standard Users = roughly $136.85 for the month

Options for Larchmont ResidentsResidents who wish to enroll, change their supply, or opt out, can visit the Westchester Power web page and fill out the applicable online form on the Sustainable Westchester Con Ed Energy Choices webpage, email, or call Sustainable Westchester at (914) 242-4725 ext. 111 for live assistance. You can also review additional information on Community Energy for Westchester Con Edison Participating Municipalities.

Want to enroll?Larchmont residents who are not currently enrolled in the program (including those who have previously opted out of the Westchester Power electricity supply in the past) still have the ability to opt in and participate, as the current contract price is locked in until October 31, 2024.

Want to change supply options?For residents already participating in the program at either the 100% Renewable or Standard Supply fixed rates, you can change your supply option at any time. Whether you want to move into the 100% Renewable supply to maximize your clean energy impact, or switch to the Standard Supply for a better financial option, the choice is yours.

Want to opt out of Westchester Power altogether?Residents participating in the program can opt out at any point they wish with no hassle, penalty, or fees.