Building/Engineering Department

The Building/Engineering Department is responsible for the coordination of the land use process/boards, and safety inspections pursuant to open permits. 

In supporting the three land use boards (Planning, Zoning, and Architectural Review), staff will review project requests/applications to determine what, if any, land use board approval is required. If approvals are required, the applicant will be forwarded to the appropriate land use board for consideration. If approvals are not required, staff will review applications to issue permits administratively. 

Once a project is approved at the board level, staff will review the application for conformance to the New York State Building Code prior to issuing a permit. Once the permit(s) are issued, the Building Department will begin the process of safety/construction inspections and code compliance review through completion. In addition, staff will often address unforeseen conditions and complaints raised by neighbors through the course of construction. Inspectors and plan reviewers apply relevant provisions of the Village Code and the current version of all applicable Building Codes of New York State. Upon completion, inspectors will issue Certificate(s) of Occupancy or Completion to close the permit and complete the process. 

The Building/Engineering Department also assists the Fire Department with fire damage assessments and Code Enforcement matters. 

*Applications will not be accepted after 2:00 PM daily ---NO EXCEPTIONS---

The Larchmont Building/Engineering Department has jurisdiction only within the Village's boundaries. The Larchmont postal zip code (10538) is used in areas of New Rochelle and the Town of Mamaroneck. Properties in those municipalities must contact those respective departments for land use assistance. To verify your address, please review the Street Finder

Permit applications are available online through the Building Department's Applications, Forms and Fees

For questions, visit the Building Department's FAQ's page. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact the Building Department at Village staff will guide you through the requirements and codes that relate to your plans, let you know if you require a variance or special approval from a land use board, and provide you with the necessary information to complete your project.