Tennis, Paddle & Pickleball Permits
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The Village of Larchmont has six (6) tennis courts at Flint Park. A permit is required to play on Village courts. Permits can be purchased online. Court reservations are required.

You must purchase the "Tennis/Pickleball" Permit to be able to reserve time for Tennis play. The "Tennis/Pickleball" Permit is inclusive of the privilege to make reservations on the Tennis Courts and reservations for Pickleball. 

The tennis courts are opened from 8:00 AM until dusk from April thru October. Permit holders may bring guests for a fee (payable online). 

Flint Park Tennis Courts 5 and 6 now have Pickleball available for play! Pickleball can be reserved on any available spots under the "Pickleball" tab in CourtReserve. You must make a reservation through CourtReserve in order to play. You must purchase the "Tennis/Pickleball" Permit to be able to reserve time for Pickleball play. 

Pickleball reservations can be scheduled as early as 8AM on Courts 5A & 5B, and 11AM on Courts 6A & 6B. 

Paddle Permits: 
Separately, the Village has two (2) paddle tennis courts at Flint Park. A Paddle Permit is required to play on these courts and can be purchased online only. 

Court RulesFlint Park 6
  • Enforcement: Those failing to produce a permit upon request will be escorted off the facilities. 
  • Permits: Play is limited to permit holders and their guests. Guests are subject to all tennis rules.
  • Court Assignments: Assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis, unless reservations have been made.
  • Playing Time: Limited to one hour when others are waiting to play. Time starts when any player arrives on the court.
  • Proper Etiquette: Is to be observed at all times.
  • Proper Attire: Shirts and non-scuff tennis shoes must be worn.
  • No loud, threatening or obscene language.
  • No violent, obstructive or threatening behavior.
  • No disruption of play on other courts for ball retrieval or otherwise.
  • Ball throwing machines are only allowed in the afternoons during off-peak times. In addition, to reduce disturbances to others, there must be a free court in between players with ball throwing machines and other players using the courts. 
  • Snow Clearing and Ice Removal: Are strictly prohibited except by Village-appointed workers.
  • Items with wheels are not allowed on the court, including skateboards, roller-blades, and bicycles.
  • Clinics and Instruction: At certain times some courts may be used by instructional clinics, teams and other groups. Only those clinics and lessons that are approved by the Village of Larchmont are allowed on the court.
  • Play is prohibited when surface is wet.