Mission and Vision

Our MissionThe mission of the Larchmont Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our Village by working, in cooperation, with the community we serve. It is our duty to protect the lives and property of our residents and those visiting our Village. By enforcing the law within the framework of the Constitution, we pledge to protect the people of Larchmont, preserve the peace and contribute to a safe environment for all. We shall strive to maintain and continuously enhance the public's trust by asserting the highest ethical standards in a professional, impartial and caring manner. 

To accomplish this mission, we make the following pledge to "Serve With Concern" to ourselves and the people of Larchmont: 

The Larchmont Police Department recognizes that a positive relationship with the community is essential to our success. The Larchmont Police Department pledges the highest standards of service to all members of our community. Our officers shall respect the public and recognize the vast diversities they represent. We place community service above self-interest and we are committed to protecting the public we serve.  We believe in maintaining high standards in all our actions. We shall respect each other as professionals and fellow human beings. Honesty, empathy and excellence must be the standards in all our actions. 

Our VisionWe strive to achieve operational excellence by following our organizational values:

Commitment to Service
WE believe our primary duty is to safeguard lives and property, while respecting the human and constitutional rights of all.

Commitment to Community Involvement
WE believe community partnerships are critical elements of our organization. Collaboration, cooperation and communication with our citizens and businesses are the framework for successful community-oriented policing.

Commitment to Our Employees
WE believe that our employees are the greatest and most valuable assets of our organization; and that through regular training, education, career development, exemplary leadership and organizational support, our employees will reach the highest standards of performance and professional satisfaction, while serving the needs of our community.

Commitment to Responsibility and Accountability
WE believe that the prudent and effective management of our resources is critical to the future of our organization.